Simon Geschke
Nathan Haas
Piet Allegaert
Kenneth Vanbilsen
Jelle Wallays
Natnael Berhane
Fernando Barceló
Rubén Fernández
Jesús Herrada
José Herrada
Thomas Champion
Nicolas Edet
Eddy Finé
Victor Lafay
Christophe Laporte
Guillaume Martin
Emmanuel Morin
Anthony Perez
Pierre-Luc Périchon
Rémy Rochas
Hugo Toumire
Simone Consonni
Fabio Sabatini
Attilio Viviani
Elia Viviani
Jempy Drucker
Szymon Sajnok
Andre Carvalho
Tom Bohli

Cofidis at the vuelta

With helmets and Ekoï glasses

It has now become a habit: the Cofidis team likes to shine on the roads of the Vuelta. In recent years, David Moncoutié, Nicolas Edet, Jesus Herrada and Guillaume Martin have demonstrated this. This season, with Guillaume and Jesus as leaders of the squad, the northern formation will do everything to experience new emotions and beautiful successes on the roads of the most prestigious Spanish race. It is a tradition, a history that the riders are committed, season after season, to enriching. On the roads of the Vuelta, from the peaks of the Pyrenees to the sun-scorched lands of Andalusia, the Cofidis team has become accustomed to distinguishing itself, playing the leading roles and shining. Last year, it was Guillaume Martin who won the polka-dot jersey for best climber. A season earlier, Jesús Herrada raised his arms and Nicolas Edet wore the red leader's jersey. And everyone remembers the ease of David Moncoutié, best climber on four occasions and winner of four stages. Guillaume Martin, a leader eager to shine This season, the Nordic formation will not lack arguments to illustrate itself at the Vuelta. Guillaume Martin will be the leader: the climber, best Frenchman in the last Tour de France, will know how to use all his qualities to shine as soon as the road rises. Jesús Herrada, adept at long breakaways in the high mountains, will also be in the ranks to aim for a stage win. Alongside them, they will be able to count on the experience of José Herrada (35) and the fire of Fernando Barcelo (25), fourth in the last Tour of Wallonia. The Belgian Piet Allegaert (26) will try to do well in the stages for backpackers.He will participate in the fir...


With Ekoï AR14 helmet and glasses Ekoï Premium 80

Steadily improving since the start of the season, the Italian sprinter won at Cholet, concluding a solid collective performance for the team. This is his first victory for Cofidis, the second for the northern squad this season. It’s a thrill, unique, a sensation that all sprinters are looking for. anaging to benefit from the precious work of his teammates, launching his sprint, feeling his lead, raising his arms to the sky ...Elia Viviani experienced this moment in Cholet this Sunday afternoon. All day long, the team has been very selfless in countering attacks and making sure their sprinter is in the best possible shape. Thus, Pierre-Luc Périchon, Victor Lafay, Anthony Pérez, Simon Geschke, Emmanuel Morin, Eddy Finé and Fabio Sabatini all contributed to this great success. A victory "which is good for everyone" “The start of the race was quite eventful,” said Jean-Luc Jonrond, the sporting director. We got into control behind the breakaway and each rider worked hard. Anthony (Pérez), Pierre-Luc (Périchon) and Simon (Geschke) were well mobilized throughout the day. And in the final, Emmanuel (Morin) did an excellent job in the last 2 kilometers before Fabio (Sabatini) propelled Elia to victory ”. At the end of this beautiful day, satisfaction prevails. “This victory is good for everyone,” smiles Jean-Luc Jonrond. Elia Viviani never gave up This victory demonstrates the continued rise of Elia Viviani. Close to victory in the UAE Tour (a 2nd place and three ‘top 5’), the Italian sprinter thus secures his 98th victory among the professionals. It symbolizes all his efforts, he who always strived to work hard and never slacked off. However, nothing wa...

Étoile de bessèges : Christophe Laporte strong performance

With Ekoï helmet and Galsses

With a victory, a 2nd place and the jersey for the points classification, Christophe Laporte was one of the great leaders of a particularly tough edition of the Etoile de Bessèges. Enough to get the team off to a good start before the next rounds of the season. This edition of the Etoile de Bessèges was announced as particularly high. The challenge was great for Christophe Laporte, who won it two years ago. However, the Var sprinter did not tremble. Better still, Christophe Laporte was one of the strong men of these five days of racing. Winner of the 1st stage, he took 2nd place on Saturday and had a very good time this Sunday (5th at 31 seconds behind Filipo Ganna). A total investment of the whole team With the support in turn of Tom Bohli and Anthony Perez in rider mode then Piet Allegaert, Emmanuel Morin Kenneth Vanbilsen and Jempy Drucker in sprinters mode. Anthony Pérez also made a name for himself by being part of the breakaway on Saturday in the stage between Rousson and Saint-Siffret (152 km). Now all eyes are on the next race: the Tour de Provence, which will take place next week. Around Jesus Herrada and Nicolas Edet, the team will be determined to shine the colors of the Cofids team once again. Christophe LAPORTE : “The results of these five stages are necessarily very positive. Since this winter, I knew I was in good condition. I wanted to reassure myself in the race and I did that by winning the first stage. Of course, there is a little disappointment about the general classification but I prefer to keep only the good collective performance. The team were really strong in the final. We have a tight and strong group, which is very interesting for ...

Étoile de bessèges : 1st exceptional step for our ambassadors

With Ekoï AR14 helmets & Ekoï Premium 80 glasses

Christophe Laporte, the Var puncher from the Cofidis team, took the first stage of the Etoile de Bessèges after a particularly thrilling final. He won by countering Nacer Bouhanni of the Arkea Samsic team. Nacer Bouhanni played the surprise card by attacking halfway through the last bump. Christophe Laporte was the only one to take his wheel to pass it before the line. Injured at the start of last season, Christophe Laporte shows in spectacular fashion that he is back to his best. In a race he won two years ago, he will do anything to keep the leader's jersey. Both riders wore an Ekoï AR14 helmet and Ekoï Premium 80 glasses. Christophe LAPORTE "I'm super happy, it's just happiness! 2020 has not been an easy year. All winter I was very motivated, I didn't have any problems and I knew my shape was good. I knew that to perform, I had to be well placed at the top of thebump. I expected someone to attack and I would have to manage my effort and get under the pedal. I did it and I'm also happy to have grabbed a few bonus seconds for the overall. Tomorrow is a sprint that I have already won but the field is higher. We will also try to take bonuses in view of Sunday's stopwatch. I am very proud to have started the season well for the team and to give confidence to my teammates and all the staff. We will do everything to continue our momentum! " Nacer BOUHANNI "I recognized the final of this first stage yesterday. I knew the climb up the Route de la Tour was more conducive to punchers than sprinters. I wanted to test myself nonetheless. I tried in the finale for this reason. I came to this 2021 edition of the Etoile de Bessèges to target the sprint stages. There w...

7th stage ofthe Vuelta : Guillaume Martin wins the best climber jersey

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It wasn't necessarily expected today but there was a running movement on the 1st ascent of the day. So I was able to integrate the breakaway and take points in the mountain standings. I put in a lot of effort and tried to finish as well as possible. Of course the best climber's jersey, we will do everything to keep it! " During a completely unbridled stage rich in twists and turns, the Cofidis team shone once again Four riders from the team have made the breakaway. Guillaume Martin, 5th on the stage, puts on the best climber's jersey, a great reward for the whole team. Pierre-Luc Périchon and Victor Lafay were the first to join the breakaway after an hour of racing.When, José Herrada and Guillaume Martin, in a group of pursuers, ended up making the junction in the ascent of Puerto de Orduna. The riders had to climb this 1st category pass twice and Guillaume Martin was 2nd each time at the top of the pass. Result: the Normand pocketed precious points in the mountain classification, enough to take the lead. -Guillaume started the race with four other riders - Valverde, Woods, Peters and Fraile - all already stage winners on a Grand Tour. The Normand attacked several times before finishing in 5th place. For the third time in a row on this Vuelta, he finished in the ‘top 10’. On arrival, Guillaume Martin was able to don the polka dot best climber jersey, his first distinctive jersey on a Grand Tour. A great reward also for the incredible collective work provided by his team members. From now on, everyone will get down to 'defending' this jersey on the roads of the Vuelta. Guillaume Martin : "I had fun and I hurt myself too! On this Vuelta, we see some u...

TDF 2020/Stage 11 : Guillaume Martin still ranks 3rd in the General Classification

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The day after a minor crash, the leader of the Cofidis team (3rd overall) wanted to experience a quieter stage. And this is exactly the expected scenario that unfolded between Châtelaillon-Plage and Poitiers (167.5 km) where his teammates supported him seriously throughout the day. The vigilant team to the endThis long day between Châtelaillon-Plage and Poitiers (167.5 km) went off without a hitch for the leaders, Guillaume included. At the end of the stage, Nicolas Edet and the whole team were keen to place themselves at the forefront in order to support him until the end and avoid the traps. On arrival, Guillaume Martin, who praised the work of his teammates, said he was satisfied with this stage. On his hand, Elia Viviani did not manage to find the opening in the sprint and finally finished 17th . Guillaume Martin's hot reaction“I wanted to have a quiet day after the crash yesterday and I did. We were attentive all day and we stayed focused. In the end, Nicolas (Edet) and the whole team had a great work to keep us in the front and not waste too much energy. From start to finish, it was a good job. It allowed us to have a relatively calm day and to consider the rest with serenity. I felt better than after yesterday's stage. I still felt in my back and neck that it was quite sore at the start of the stage. It wasn't a super enjoyable day on the bike but it was. And I'm glad I got through the day without any problems. "



The leader of the Cofidis team hung on this Sunday during the final stage of the Pyrenees to keep his 3rd place overall. Guillaume Martin showed great courage and remarkable composure by conceding only 11 seconds on the winner of the day (Pogačar) and the new yellow jersey (Roglič). You had to have your heart set on Sunday following this 9th stage, the 2nd and last in the Pyrenees. In question ? The lack of visibility, the mercury - to less than 15 ° C - and especially the hellish pace of the race. Guillaume Martin, always in tune After the multiple attempts at breakaways and the solitary flight of Marc Hirschi, the Jumbo-Visma imposed their pace in the ascent of the Col de Marie-Blanque, undoubtedly one of the most difficult climbs of this start of Tour de France. Guillaume Martin, who had so far benefited from very good work from his teammates, held on as the field of leaders shrank. And then, 20 km from the finish line, the attacks started. Pogačar, Bernal, Pogačar again. Guillaume, he held on. A 3rd place in the dearly defended general If he was finally left behind by a handful of seconds, squad leader Cofidis showed quite a bit of composure as he participated in the counterattack. While Pogačar, Bernal, Roglič and Hirschi fought for the final victory, we saw in the distance the group of riders led by Guillaume. The Normand therefore resisted until the end and from an accounting standpoint, it is a success. He conceded only 11 seconds to the winner of the stage, Pogačar. In the general classification, the Frenchman remains 3rd, 28 seconds behind the new yellow jersey, Primož Roglič. Martin is the only rider to have seen his position in the “top 10...



He hung on, attacked and gave it his all. Guillaume Martin defended with panache his 3rd place in the general classification in the Pyrenees, while constantly remaining in contact with the big favorites for the final victory. Take a look back at a day when the Normand once again showed the full extent of his talent.  There had been the arrival at Orcières-Moriette and this attack in the last kilometer. For Guillaume Martin, there will now be the 1st stage of the Pyrenees, where he dearly defended his 3rd place overall. Leader Cofidis, supported by Pierre-Luc Périchon and Nicolas Edet until he climbed the Port of Balès, then kept up with the hellish pace imposed by the Jumbo-Visma, then resisted multiple attacks.  Collective work and a breathtaking finale   In the last hectometers of the Col de Peyresourde, less than 7 km from the finish, the Norman went on the attack. With panache and self-sacrifice, he forced the favorites to respond. Then, in the last kilometer, another attack, new proof of courage. Until the end, Guillaume Martin dearly defended his coveted 3rd place overall.  He is 9 seconds behind the yellow jersey, Adam Yates, and is one of only 4 riders in the ‘top 10’ to have retained his place in the overall standings on this eventful day. Guillaume Martin knows, however, that nothing can be taken for granted. The battle begins again tomorrow. Between Pau and Laruns, the road will continue to climb, the passes will follow one another (five on the program) but the determination will always be as strong and intact. GUILLAUME MARTIN'S HOT REACTION  "The second part of the race was very intense from the Port of Balès. Pierre-Luc (Périchon) and N...

TDF 2020 / Stage : 7 Christophe Laporte ends 4th /Guillame Martin is 3rd in the general classification

with helmets EKOI AR15

This Friday, at the end of a particularly hectic stage, Christophe Laporte took 4th place in the sprint and Guillaume Martin climbs back to 3rd placein general  classification. Now, it's time for two days that promise to be breathless & explosive in the Pyrenees. It was to be a transitional stage before the Pyrenees. However, the day was particularly delicate with the edging initiated by the Bora-Hansgrohe then the Ineos-Grenadier. At Cofidis, Guillaume Martin, well supported by his teammates, managed to stay constantly in the 1st group. He also passed a few important stints at the end of the stage before positioning himself well in the final. The Normand was rewarded for his efforts : he gained a place in the general classification and is now in 3rd place. For his part, Christophe Laporte, one of the few sprinters to have managed to stay in the leading group, will seek a nice 4th place in the final packaging. This is his 2nd best performance after his 2nd place in Pau in the Tour de France 2018. Change of scenery this weekend with two stages in the Pyrenees which promise a beautiful spectacle. On the program : 8 passes to climb, including four of the first category and one out of category. Thus, you will have to climb the Col de Menté, the port of Balès and the Col de Peyresoude on Saturday, then the Col de la Hourcère, the Col d'Ichère and the Col de Marie Blanque on Sunday.   Christophe LAPORTE (4th on the stage): “We have been working hard all day. There was a quick break and then Bora-Hansgrohe accelerated. We were in front with Guillaume (Martin) and Pierre-Luc (Périchon) then it broke again when crossing Castres.  I felt good and I'm a little dis...

TDF 2020 / Stage 5 : Guillaume Martin is 4th on the general Classification

With Ekoï Helmet

Two days after arriving in Orcières-Merlette, a longer & more vigorous final climb awaits the riders tomorrow at Mont Aigoual. Enough to further refine the positions in the general classification and allow Guillaume Martin to shine again. You have to know how to preserve yourself when the effort is long and lasts 21 days. This is the challenge offered by the Tour de France & the peloton is well aware of it. This Wednesday between Gap and Privas, it was therefore decided to ease off slightly while high mountain was on the program yesterday and will continue to be tomorrow. Guillaume Martin was able to preserve himself At Cofidis, we also wanted to recover well when the whole team was hard at work the day before in order to help Guillaume Martin to climb to 3rd place on the stage. Even today, all took turns supporting their leader. In the last kilometers, Guillaume was keen to get back to the top positions in order to protect himself and cross the line safely. Following the penalty suffered by Julian Alaphilippe, the Normand is now 4th in the general classification and 1st French. The stage ended with a sprint as announced. In the last kilometers, Elia Viviani, weakened by a burcitis in the right foot since the start of the Tour, preferred to get up. The Italian sprinter of the Cofidis squad continues to hang in there and hopes to quickly regain his abilities. Christophe Laporte therefore represented the Cofidis team in the sprint and finished in an honorable 12th place. Mont Aigoual, full bodied finish So tomorrow the road will rise again with the 2nd summit finish in three days. This time around, the peloton will have to climb Mont Aigoual, which has only ...



The leader of the Cofidis team, Guillaume MARTIN, finished 3rd overall in one of the toughest editions in the history of the Critérium du Dauphiné. A result acquired after a relief of effort, both collective and individual. Enough to approach the Tour de France, which will start in two weeks, with overwhelming enthusiasm. An incredible collective work The stage got off to a good start and the whole team had to work to allow Guillaume Martin to get back to the group of favorites. A profitable job which allowed the Normand to regain his place with the leaders in the col de la Colombière. Then we had to hang in there and fight back against the multiple attacks as the podium spot was played out within a handful of seconds. At the end of himself, Guillaume Martin went to seek 3rd place overall, where he was 41 seconds behind the winner, Colombian Daniel Felipe Martinez.   The first time since 2003 at the Critérium du Dauphiné  At 27, the tricolor climber climbs for the first time in his career on the podium of a World Tour stage race. The joy is intense for the Cofidis team: it has not seen a podium in the general classification of the Critérium du Dauphiné since 2003 (3rd place for David Millar). After such a discharge of energy, we will have to focus on recovering well and breathing. Because Guillaume Martin will need resources in order to present himself with so much ambition and enthusiasm to his next two challenges: the French championships next Sunday and the Tour de France, which will start on August 29 in Nice.  Guillaume MARTIN, 3rd overall: "At the start of the stage, I was surprised by a group of breakaways but my teammates helped me a lot to c...


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